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The Solution

Sullivan Solar Power customers need support. Sullivan Solar Shield is the solution. Daniel Sullivan has been helping Sullivan customers with their systems since Sullivan Solar Power ran into issues at the end of 2021. As of June 2023, more than 200 Sullivan customers have received support via Sullivan. Customer inquiries are processed in the order of need. Systems in need of repair are being addressed first Sullivan is not modifying systems nor taking new clients. Step 1 is to address any system that is not producing power. 

Mike N.- Fallbrook

Screenshot 2023-07-13 130118 MN.png

15kW system with a battery-

" I contacted (SOME COMPANY) for help after I heard rumors Sullivan was no more. They charged me $500 just to show up and didn't fix the issue. Then  by chance, Sullivan showed up to change out my recalled battery. He advised me he was running the battery recall work for Sullivan customers. He fixed my battery, reconfigured my inverter, and undid the work the other company had done. Now the system is producing more than it ever did. Consummate professional. "

John S.- Escondido

10kW system with a battery-

"I had (COMPANY X) help me with my system after someone said SSP was bankrupted. To my surprise an associate advised me how to get ahold of Sullivan. The other company had completely botched the settings of my system over the course of 3 days trying to figure out how the system worked. Dan fixed it in 3 hours." 

Screenshot 2023-07-13 131418 JS.png

The Proof is in the Results

See the summary below. This is a sample of what a system performance summary looks like for the systems actively being monitored and maintained under the Sullivan Solar Shield.

As it was before, so it is again, Sullivan maintained sites perform. Afterall, its not a Sullivan Solar Power system without Sullivan.

No system failures unchecked for months. No haggling with some contractor trying to gouge Sullivan's clients. No more electric bill surprises at your annual true up. 

Sign up today to get covered by the Sullivan Solar Shield. 

Screenshot 2023-07-13 174206 SPI Sites Sample.png step closer to Generating Peace of Mind....

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